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Good News about the Ektron–EPiServer Merger

First, Ektron and EPiServer CMS products will continue to be supported going forward. If you have Ektron or EPiServer, and it’s getting the job done, you can keep it! The EPiServer product team will provide updates for existing Ektron and EPiServer implementations, and they will also support Hodgson as we maintain Ektron and EPiServer websites. This means that whatever plans you had for your web properties in 2015 can proceed as expected.

Not only will you be able to count on future updates, but you’ll also have access to the best features of both platforms. Ektron customers will be able to use EPiServer Commerce (robust .NET e-commerce) and EPiServer Find (advanced, cloud-based search), while EPiServer customers can take advantage of the Ektron Digital Experience Hub (CRM connections, marketing automation, and web analytics) and eSync (automated syncing of content, code, assets, and templates from development servers through production servers).

While EPiServer maintains their existing product line (both Ektron and EPiServer), they will also soon be introducing the successor to both of these systems: the Digital Experience Cloud. This new platform will ultimately replace its predecessors by combining their best assets and adding new features. We don’t yet know what specific features are on the horizon, but we do know that Ektron and EPiServer as independent companies had very similar product roadmaps prior to this merger.

You can expect the new Digital Experience Cloud to combine digital marketing, web content management, and digital commerce features into a single solution that will integrate seamlessly with your CRM systems and other third party software. Also, as the name suggests, this platform will be licensed monthly and hosted in the cloud, so you won’t have to worry about on-premise IT and additional infrastructure costs.

We have a lot more to learn in the coming weeks about the new EPiServer and the Digital Experience Cloud—pricing of features, product roadmap, etc.—but everything we’ve heard so far is positive. We’re sure you’ll have questions, and our team is standing by to answer them. Call us at 301.942.7040, or email your project manager, and we’ll set up a time to talk.

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