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New Year, New You...New Website?

The beginning of a new year reminds us all to schedule those doctor’s appointments to make sure we stay as healthy as possible. Your website is no different! Every year, organizations should review their online presence to make sure it’s as impactful and effective as it can be. 

Here are a few things you should consider:

  • Does your content reference old dates or times?
  • Is your domain name about to expire?
  • Are you backing up your site regularly and reliably?
  • Check your design. Is the site easy to use, responsive, and displaying well on any browser?
  • Analyze your content. Do you want to highlight new products or services? Are your calls to action clear and strong? Are you too text/PDF/graphic heavy?
  • Do your links work? Check them regularly; broken links can end a web visit. 
  • Are your forms and automated replies working perfectly?
  • Finally, how are your web stats and SEO reports? These numbers tell you whether or not your website is helping you reach your online goals.

If you diagnose an area that needs improvement, contact us. We'd love to help you stay in tiptop shape.

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