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The Challenges of Multisite Management

Many organizations run into the challenge of scaling efficiently when they are in control of multiple websites. Taking a piece-by-piece approach—allocating teams to work on each site separately—increases hosting and development costs, creates complex infrastructures, and leads to all sorts of other inefficiencies.

If you work in the marketing department at a large association, for example, you’re probably responsible not just for a single main website but also for various campaign microsites and perhaps a website for your annual conference. While each of these sites tends to include unique content and features, all of the sites will still share elements of messaging, branding, and even content. If you have to spin up a new site for every campaign and new initiative, you may find yourself mired in a complex array of technologies that becomes increasingly difficult to manage efficiently.

The simplest and most cost-effective solution to the challenges described above is to utilize a multisite implementation of a content management system. From the same administrative backend, you can control a variety sites with different purposes without a lot of redundant effort. Content blocks can be reused, just as widgets, ads, and callouts can be incorporated into page templates on any of the sites you’re running.

Another benefit of multisite management is the capacity to minimize infrastructure and implementation costs, while simultaneously improving consistency and consolidating member and site visitor data in a single location (e.g., analytics for each site available in a single administrative dashboard).

As many of you are already aware, Hodgson is a partner with Telerik, the developers of the Sitefinity CMS. Telerik has recently developed a white paper entitled The Ultimate Guide to Multisite Management, and we would love to share it with you; it addresses many of the strategic and technical considerations of managing multiple web properties using the same CMS instance.

If you’re interested in getting a copy of the white paper, please call 301.942.7040 and ask for Karen Rosen, or send me an email at krosen@hodgsonconsult.com.

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