cms Platforms

In 2005, we decided to stop.

Stop building unique custom Content Management Systems (CMS) for clients, and partner up with software companies who had CMS platforms that we could implement. Since then we have built long term relationships with a number of such companies.

We have had great success implementing, customizing and extending these CMS platforms over the years. This success has been based on a collaborative team effort from our team to our partners team. We have taken the time to get our developers certified and our Project Managers engaged, so we are informed and can offer value to our clients when it comes to their CMS.

Listed blow are the current partners we have, there is no one size fits all platform and specific requirements will need a certain technology fit - we'd be happy to help you in your CMS decision making process - let us know how we can help.

Sitefinity is a commercial product developed by Telerik that leverages the robust ASP.NET platform. The Microsoft ASP.NET platform is widely considered one of the most secure platforms available and is therefore especially suited for enterprise applications. Sitefinity offers all of the power and extensibility of the .NET platform yet is still more cost-effective than other popular commercial .NET systems (e.g., Episerver, Ektron, and Sitecore).

Some of Hodgson’s Sitefinity clients:

Episerver allows you to manage content seamlessly across all screens and channels. You can edit text and images directly on a page and view updates in real time, with previews available for mobile and tablet devices. Site administrators can reuse content that’s already been written to maximize efficiency of making site updates. They can also take advantage of Episerver’s built-in self-optimizing multivariate testing, which will automatically make educated adjustments to your website based on which content blocks are generating the most traffic and the greatest number of clicks. This CMS also includes a powerful search solution, Episerver Find, and a robust e-commerce solution.

Some of Hodgson’s Episerver clients:

  • University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown

  • National Down Syndrome Society

As the platform of choice for more than 3,800 global companies, Ektron enables its users to create, deploy, and manage enterprise-scale, global, personalized websites. With Ektron, you can empower users, designers, and developers to work in parallel: users make content updates directly on the site via an intuitive browser-based editor; designers create site wireframes, ensuring global brand consistency; developers implement changes quickly using Ektron’s Framework API, pre-built .NET controls, and standard development tools like Microsoft Visual Studio.

Some of Hodgson’s Ektron clients:

  • American Society of Civil Engineers

  • United Educators

  • Biotechnology Industry Organization

  • Consumer Healthcare Products Association

  • Public Responsibility in Medicine & Research

  • Rockland Immunochemicals

  • immixGroup

  • Remington College

  • National Exchange Carrier Association (NECA)

  • Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO)

  • Propane Education and Research Council

  • The Rhode Island School of Design


WordPress is an open source, PHP-based CMS that powers a diverse array of websites. The core software is built by hundreds of community volunteers, and the system is completely customizable through thousands of available plugins, widgets, and themes. Hodgson has designed and built a number of WordPress websites for institutions of higher education, nonprofits, associations, and businesses. WordPress remains one of the simplest, most user-friendly systems available today.

Some of Hodgson’s WordPress clients:

  • Oceus Networks

  • Presbyterian College

  • Goodwin House

  • W. L. Gary Company

  • National Alliance for Radiation Readiness

  • LifeSensors

  • Progenra