Our Process

By its nature, our work is often complex, involving strategic considerations, clients’ business objectives, creative design, process development and technology—all aimed at achieving effective solutions. For this reason, we employ a consistent, proven approach across all of our engagements, both large and small.

Hodgson's approach utilizes reviews and approvals as a system of “checks and balances” designed to ensure that key tasks are executed, that key dates for deliverables are met and that important project information is communicated and recorded. Because each client has unique needs, we adapt our process to each project’s requirements while still following an established project path that is understood by everyone involved.

This system is highly collaborative, with designated points of contact on both the client side and, internally, through the Hodgson project manager. We understand the importance of utilizing the specific subject matter expertise that our clients offer, and we partner closely with them throughout the process in order to ensure that our solutions truly meet their needs and fulfill all project objectives.

Our proven approach consists of a series of phases which we employ to define, design, develop and integrate and launch web properties.