Industries Hodgson Works With

Hodgson is a full-service web technology company capable of executing successful projects in ANY INDUSTRY, let me say that again, we can execute successful projects in ANY INDUSTRY.

Having said that we have found ourselves about 75% of the time conducting work in the Association market and the Higher Education market.

These industries do share some similarities; for example both seek recruitment, whether it’s members for the Association, or students for the school. Both generally have a third part system or systems that need to be integrated with the public facing website so marketers can build on a personalized user experience. However, each also brings unique needs to the table, Associations generally do not need to find a way to highlight their Athletic Departments.

If you are looking for a partner who understand web technology first and foremost, we are that partner - if you're an Association or School, well that's the cherry on top.



Hodgson has helped countless associations enter a new and exciting era online.

Today, the most important task we are asked to complete, is to design the site to be responsive - getting it working perfectly on every device, allowing users to interact with the site in what ever manner they choose.

Associations continue to need help with the integration of their "database" (the AMS) - which we help them with, providing single sign-on (SSO) for members and a seamless user experience for event registration and subscriptions.

We've integrated a variety of CMS platforms with a variety of AMS platforms - let us know how we can help you.


Higher Education

It is no surprise that colleges and universities report that their number-one marketing tool is their website - and with almost every perspective student armed with a phone, the websites are getting more traffic than ever.

So again, it is no surprise that all higher education institutions are, as quickly as possible, designing,  developing and launching, highly mobile-responsive websites that communicate all the good stuff that  school has to offer in the hope of winning that students enrollment.

Fortunately we have worked with a ton of higher education institutions, from 2 year to 4 year, and we have a deep knowledge of how to best attract those perspective students. Give us a call and feel free to pick our brains.


ASCE | Utilizing Ektron CMS


NARR | Utilizing WordPress


FRCC | Utilizing Sitefinty CMS


UPJ | Utilizing Episerver CMS