Consumer Healthcare Products Association

The Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA) is the nonprofit association representing the leading manufacturers and marketers of over-the-counter medicines and dietary supplements. CHPA is one of the oldest trade associations in the United States and represents one of the most dynamic, cost-effective segments in the healthcare environment today.

Ektron was utilized in the development of this site.

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Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA) needed an experienced web development partner and to redesign their website and implement a new content management system. The vision for the new website was to incorporate the educational and over-the-counter products value messages from CHPA’s educational digital properties as well as to enhance the overall member experience, providing leading-edge tools that would better serve the needs of CHPA’s leadership and members. 

The primary goals of the project were to enhance the look and navigation of the site; to showcase all of CHPA’s digital properties; to improve search engine optimization; to create the ability for members to personalize their own interactions and experience; to encourage the participation and engagement of CHPA members, to implement a robust CMS; and to enhance functionality to support the administrative and collaborative functions of CHPA leadership.


The Solution

In order to build the interactive, engaging web presence that CHPA needed, Hodgson implemented the Ektron content management system, which was selected because of its streamlined content management capabilities, its intuitive authoring environment, and the robust ASP.NET platform on which it is built.

The project began with an in-depth Definitions and requirements gathering process aimed at evaluating the content, functionality, and information architecture of the existing site. Our designers then built on the recommendations arising from Definitions and created a new, clean look and feel for the main CHPA website. While Definitions and Design were underway, Hodgson’s search engine optimization (SEO) team did a full-scale analysis of CHPA’s web properties, looking at everything from analytics configuration to keyword density. They produced reports indicating CHPA’s current SEO situation and recommending future SEO strategy, with the goal of improving the visibility of CHPA on Google and other popular search engines.

After Design was complete, Hodgson’s user experience developers built out the design in HTML / CSS templates, which were then implemented into Ektron 8.6.1 by our .NET developers. Hodgson also developed a custom Job Board, installed the Ektron enterprise search (using Microsoft Search Server technology), and developed a “members only” section by integrating the website with Protech (powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM). The new site includes an image rotator highlighting key content, as well as social media widgets with live streams of the latest posts from CHPA’s presence on Facebook and Twitter.

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