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Let’s Get Sandy (Big Problem)

Oct 29, 2012 by Steve Mallory

I’m overcome by mixed emotions right now—sure, I’m a wee bit disappointed to be in the office on Monday when so many of your are hunkered down in your homes awaiting the inevitable inundation, like present-day Deucalions and Pyrrhas (or Noahs, or Utnapishtims); however, my disappointment is somewhat mitigated by the fact that I finally found a reason to use the name of a Be Your Own Pet song as the title for an article (WARNING: do not click the link unless you’re prepared for some hard-charging punk rock).

Yes, it appears that Sandy, a monstrous hurricane-cum-nor’easter, is upon us, and she is drenching the entire eastern United States in torrents of rain, which are soon to be accompanied by gale-force winds and yet another return to life before the advent of the modern power grid. In other words, it’s time to get used to candlelight, folks. My personal plan is not to lose power: I’m banking on the apparent imperviousness of the underground lines in my heavily populated DC neighborhood.

While we still have power in the DC area, Hodgson will keep working on your websites, for such is our dedication to providing top notch service to our clients. Although some of us are laboring remotely today, the more intrepid members of our staff (myself included) have braved the weather to work from our offices in Kensington. I think that Steve Mallory, one of our senior developers, is deserving of special recognition, as he not only came into the office on time today, but also did so on a bicycle. I think he really just enjoys the challenge of riding against 60 mph winds.

At any rate, we want to wish you best of luck, especially those of you who live in the areas most heavily affected by Sandy. Let’s hope that we’re all able to weather the “Frankenstorm” (a cringe-worthy appellation, to be sure) without cursing the very names of our electric power providers and elected officials.

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