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The Board Demands an iPhone App!

Mar 3, 2011 by Steve Mallory

In my capacity as a member of the Hodgson sales team, I’ve tacitly participated in many a discovery call with folks who—much like you, dear reader—are seeking to take advantage of our web expertise. Over time, I’ve begun to notice a trend: a significant number of the professionals with whom we speak are very interested in the idea of developing custom mobile applications for their respective businesses, nonprofits, associations, universities, etc.

Although I’ve been aware for a while that “mobile” is the buzz word du jour (much like Facebook or Twitter), I haven’t always been quite so well-informed about the business benefits of mobile applications. I don’t think I’m alone in suffering from that gap in knowledge.

As a regular Mashable reader, I was delighted to see an entry on their site addressing the very thoughts that cross my mind every time a prospective client mentions the term “mobile apps.” I won’t attempt to distill a thorough, logical discussion down to a mere sentence or two—instead, I recommend that you read Aaron Maxwell’s article yourself, along with the comments below it. I think you’ll find the points he raises to be very informative, especially if you haven’t been able to put a dollar value on the ROI generated by custom mobile applications as opposed to mobile-optimized websites.

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