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Washingtonians Use Twitter and Facebook Incessantly, Melt Own Brains

May 19, 2011 by Steve Mallory

According to Men’s Health (a magazine I’d heretofore not read once) Washington, DC is the most socially networked city in the country. Surprised? I wasn’t. I’m pretty sure that if you stood on K Street at noon and threw a rock, you’d hit at least four people checking their Fbook news feeds or tweeting about something policy-related on an iPhone or Droid (I’m including ricochets in the “throw a rock” thing, of course). In fact, I believe I’ve already discussed the propensity of DC residents to use their smartphones on the street, at great risk to life and limb.

It’s obvious that there’s some sort of clandestine intelligence operation at play here; Big Brother is trying to keep tabs on us, with Zuckerberg as an accomplice. Anyway, enough of my conspiracy theories—here’s a breakdown of the research methodology employed by Men’s Health in this study:

“We started by calculating the number of Facebook and LinkedIn users per capita, followed by overall Twitter usage (NetProspex). Then we looked at traffic generated by the major social networks, including Myspace, Friendster, Reddit, and Digg (analyzed by ad network Chitika). Finally, after factoring in the percentage of households that check out chat rooms and blogs (SimplyMap), we had the results [we sought].”

Despite my initial suspicions about the meticulousness of an analysis conducted by a magazine that I used to dismiss as “Cosmo for Men,” it seems that the researchers actually took a rather scientific approach to this study.  Thus, I’m confident that I can boast to all my friends in Billings, MT about how social-network-tastic we are in DC.

While the “A+” social networking rating certainly indicates a highly tech-savvy populace, I think it might also be a sign that we need to step away from the social networks once in a while to spend time with flesh-and-blood human beings. Hodgson can help you tap into these huge markets of socially networked folks, but it’s up to you to remember that there was life before smartphone and tablet . . .

LOL, j/k—brb, retweeting something I read on David Hasselhoff’s Twitter feed!

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