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What’s New in Sitefinity 11.0?

Aug 8, 2018 by The "Keeping you up-to-date" HC Team

Our partners at Sitefinity have released Version 11.0. Here’s a quick list of some new features that might have you thinking about an upgrade:

  • Sitefinity has always offered robust search, but now you can filter results by author and date modified. There’s also a “load more” button for when you want more results, and an expandable sidebar that offers options for filtering and sorting.
  • Sitefinity has also improved the content fields. 11.0 offers rich text editor improvements, like a large, editable space, embedded media, improvements in link and image editing, a table wizard, and an enhanced HTML code editor.
  • The media fields have gotten easier to use, too. There’s now a responsive view for image selection, an infinite scroll in the selector for related media, drag-and-drop reorder, and suggest-as-you-type selector for related media (with hints of recently used media).

Take a look at the details of the release. The new version focuses on features that address the needs of content editors—and happier content editors means happier users, because they’re provided with more engaging, usable content.


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