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Hodgson has helped countless associations enter a new and exciting era online.

When we talk to association we hear a familiar story and are asked similar questions.

  • How do we engage members?
  • But what about the publications?
  • Our meeting registration isn't connected to the main website, can we make it so?
  • We have a microsite built in WordPress, what will we do with that content?
  • Our members have to log in to see ANY information, they hate that! 

Of course, along with the similar issues we see, every association has a couple of unique issues that take some time and thought to solve, but we usually come through.

Recently we've been dealing with making sites responsive (the art of setting up your site to be viewed on every device, phone, tablet, note, etc) - and even though the Smart phone has been around for 10 years, many are still not. Along with that we also help with the integration of their "database" (the AMS) - providing single sign-on (SSO) for members and a seamless user experience for event registration and subscriptions.

Take a minute and scroll though some of the Associations we've worked with and let us know how we can help your association.