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It's not just cool web professional banter to proclaim that your website users should expect a satisfying experience - a seamless user journey - it's what we, as web professionals and marketers, should strive for.

Here's how we do it:

We establish goals by delving into business strategy and then web strategy

We define users and how specific users will interact and experience the site

We figure out how to make the technology invisible - so the user is free to interact on their terms

We develop a plan to acquire more users through SEO and make sure our content is available and valuable enough to do the trick

All of the above lead us down a path (there's the journey metaphor again) to know and understand how a user will interact with the site and how we will guide (metaphor again) them to do what it is we want them to do.

Interested in finding out if your users are wandering around your website with or without direction (I just keep them coming), let us know, happy to provide a map.