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At Hodgson, we optimize websites in order to maximize your potential to be “seen” by search engines.

When we design websites, we keep SEO best practices top of mind and offer recommendations to make website content SEO friendly. We review or implement Google Analytics so clients are able to collect data and better understand user behavior. We also offer a full suite of SEO analysis and training.

Analytics Audit and Recommendations Report

Google Analytics can be an extremely powerful tool for optimizing and improving website performance, but it is only useful if set up and configured properly. We perform a basic review of your analytics account setup and website activity and offer tangible recommendations for improvement.

In the Analytics audit, Hodgson will make recommendations regarding aspects of your current analytics, including:

  • Overall account setup
  • Cross-domain tracking
  • Advanced segmentation (e.g. setting up custom segments to facilitate data collection related to SEO)

Goal tracking—identification of key performance indicators (KPIs), tracking external clicks, etc.

We also produce a recommendations report (typically 15–20 pages) describing findings and detailing changes that should be made to improve the value of analytics data.

SEO Audit and Recommendations Report

The SEO Audit and Recommendations report contains the following information:

  • Introduction: an overview of Hodgson’s SEO framework and methodology
  • Analytics review: key insights from historical analytics data related to SEO, key metric identification (related to SEO), and how analytics should be used in an ongoing SEO campaign
  • Competitor analysis: a look at how well the sites of competitors are optimized and what a client needs to do to outrank them
  • Keyword research: a framework for ongoing keyword section and initial recommendations related to the pages or site sections being audited
  • Page-by-page recommendations: specific recommendations for each page being audited, including site code and structure, file names, title tags, meta descriptions, on-site content recommendations,cross-links, etc.
  • Rank report: how a client's website ranks for up to 100 different target keyword phrases

Google Analytics Power User Course

Hodgson offers a Google Analytics Power User Course, which includes:

A three (3) hour intensive course that will teach your team the ins and outs of Google Analytics. Course topics will cover navigating reports on audience, acquisition, behavior and conversion; how to determine which reports to use; to perform analysis; Key Metric and Dimension Identification; and Using Regular Expression within Reports.

This course will also offer time for Q&A and active analysis with a dedicated Analytics Manager.

Google Analytics and Analysis Services

Hodgson offers a dedicated Analytics Manager and twelve (12) hours per month of Google Analytics Training and Analysis services. These include:

  • Up to two (2) hours of dedicated time with an analytics manager to help answer questions for the metrics team. 
  • Up to ten (10) hours of Analytics overflow support. Analytics overflow support includes answering specific analytics questions from the client's team; helping them analyze data across one or multiple websites; and setting up analysis to help answer other questions the team may have.

These services work together to empower you to use SEO effectively, driving traffic to their website. To review or improve your SEO strategy, give us a shout and we'll get started.