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User experiences focused on results.

Everyone places a high priority on the user experience - the pressure is on - from clients and users alike. And we deliver.

From the very beginning, we here at Hodgson have developed websites with the end user in mind - the individual who is looking for something or to do something. The design of the site should encourage engagement while being effortless to walk through.

We spend time on the unseen things, color contrast, 508 compliance, what is common - without being boring, adding elements that don't make visitors stop and stare (if they are staring they are not doing what we or they want to do).

The user experience is a delicate balance between of many things; content, navigation, calls to action, colors, media feeds, and a whole bunch more. In today's online world the user experience is not just what is visually available, it's how it delivers the goods to the user and how the user interacts with it and converts.

We can talk endlessly about this and are happy to - set up an appointment today and we will.