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Hodgson designs WordPress websites

WordPress - A content editors comfort food.

This CMS is every content editors and infrequent bloggers best friend. Super easy to use, extremely intuitive and has a friendly coolness to it.

WordPress is an open source, PHP-based CMS and with that comes the flexibility that allows developers to create any manner of complex feature or function - so while it has this easy to use exterior, inside it is the little engine that rocks!

It's pros and cons are all wrapped up in the pluggin's, tons and tons (literally thousands) are available, plugin's to do what ever you want. But there's the rub, the plugin needs to be maintain, and sometime it's not - which leads to upgrade issues. If the CMS is upgraded frequently and consistently it performs like a champ - but this is a little bit of high maintenance CMS.

We've designed and built a number of WordPress websites for institutions of higher education, nonprofits, associations, and businesses, and some of them utilize our Webmaster Service maintenance to help maintain their websites.