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AMSLogosAMS Integration - the art of developing an effortless visit.

We spend much of our time working out ways to make different technology systems work seamlessly together - rendering the technology invisible to an effortless visit.

Our experience is centered around the CMS integrating with Association Management Systems (AMS) or Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM). For the most part the integration involves allowing users to login to the website and then be rewarded with private content or being offered functionality, such as profile update, event registration, etc. Once the user is logged in they do not have to log in again, regardless of which system they are on - this is Single Sign On (SSO), and is a major pain point for users as they traverse multiple systems that make up most websites - the integration we perform takes this pain away.

Below are some examples of integrations we have completed, if you would like us to take your pain away-get in touch.