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George Lucas Educational Foundation Documentry features MLCI Student Portal as part of the Maine’s Laptop Technology Initiative

Sep 17, 2015, 03:53 AM by Steve Mallory
The Maine Lakes Conservancy Institute (MLCI) was founded in 1999 to address the environmental and economic needs of Maine’s lake-based communities through

In December 2003, the George Lucas Educational Foundation ( released their documentary video on Maine’s laptop initiative featuring the Maine Lakes Conservancy Institute (MLCI) Student Portal.

The MLCI Student portal, developed in partnership with hodgsonConsulting (HC) (, is an important avenue for sharing information and research on our lakes leading to better stewardship. As students in MLCI partner schools investigate, learn, and communicate about the lakes in their communities they feel more ownership and therefore more commitment to preserving these resources. As they explore and research information on “their” lakes, they make connections with others in their community.

These new relationships and partnerships further the stewardship of these vital water resources and build on the students’ sense of place and community.

The interdisciplinary student portal enables students to meet a variety of education standards by constructing a creative learning environment that promotes lasting knowledge and develops technology skills through hands-on learning.

In partnership with MLCI, hodgsonConsulting continues its support of technology in education. The future goal of the MLCI Student Portal is to expand opportunities to more students and more communities, to be involved with experiential lake science education programs through the Students’ Portal.

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